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Stress Management

Life Transitions (parenting, divorce, career change)

Self-Destructive Behavior



We work with people looking to make a change in their lives. We have knowledge and skills in many areas, but these are our specialties. 


Individual Meetings

Morse Therapy Group

Group Meetings

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Personality Disorder
​Insight-Oriented Therapy

We strongly believe you should feel comfortable with the therapist you choose, and hopeful about counseling. When you feel this way, counseling is more likely to be helpful. For this reason, we offer a free phone consultation for all potential new clients. As with all relationships, not everyone is compatible. This consultation will help us decide whether or our skills and style are a good fit for your particular goals.

​We view counseling as a collaborative partnership. You define the problems to work on, while we use specialized knowledge to help you make your desired changes. We actively track progress by seeking feedback from you about what is going well and what is not working in counseling. We will also use empirically validated measures of therapy outcomes to track overall change.

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Group has many benefits, some of which are not available in individual therapy:

  • Support: Discover you are not alone. 

  • Problem-solving: Because people look at situations from different perspectives, members help you come up with a variety of solutions, and hold you accountable to making change.

  • Play well with others: We live and interact with people every day. These interactions can be rewarding or leave us confused and frustrated. Group gives opportunities to view one’s own patterns as well as those of others, and see how these patterns interact with one another to create closeness versus conflict. You can also try out new ways of interacting without fear of rejection, because everyone in the group is collaboratively working on changing.

  • It Works!: Extensive research supports group as effective for a wide variety of problems. Also, group has some benefits that individual therapy cannot provide. We are raised in groups (e.g., family, schools, church) in which we develop as well as get hurt. It makes sense then that a thoughtful coming together of people could be an ideal place to grow and heal.