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Stacy Vance, M.S.

​As a therapist in training, I strive to create a non-judgmental, safe space in which clients are free to share, explore, and problem-solve life’s challenges. My approach to therapy is warm, genuine, and collaborative with a focus on the unique lived experiences of each individual client. As such, I use an integrative approach to therapy that is grounded in person-centered, interpersonal process and cognitive behavioral therapies to facilitate personal growth and development. 

Throughout my training, I have gained experience in working with adults and college students to address concerns such as anxiety, depression, identity development, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and life transitions. In addition, I earned a masters degree in sport psychology from Florida State University and have experience in helping athletes of all ages reach their athletic goals.

I am currently working towards earning my doctoral degree in the combined counseling and school psychology program at Florida State University. As a trainee, I receive supervision from Dr. Tracey Morse, a licensed psychologist, and utilize audio recording of therapy sessions to facilitate my development and ensure the best care possible for clients.

If you are interested in learning more about working together, please call me (850) 556-7944 ext. 4 for a free phone consultation.

Group Therapy

Therapist Trainees

Group therapy is a cost-effective treatment option that research clearly shows is effective for depression, anxiety, and much more. To give you an idea of the cost-savings, a month of group therapy meetings could cost $200 for 6 hours of treatment while a month of individual therapy meetings could cost $360 for just under 4 hours of treatment. 

For more information about group therapy options, please visit the "Groups-Classes" or "Contact Us" tabs or call (850) 556-7944 x3. 

As a counselor, my style is genuine and collaborative. I appreciate individuality, creating a supportive atmosphere where the client is empowered to explore themselves, establish goals, and be an active participant in creating change.

I utilize an integrative approach, employing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, art therapy, and multiple other therapies to suite the unique needs of each client. I work with clients to address depression, anxiety, chronic pain, disability, uncertainty about the future, adjustment to life changes, relationship problems, self-esteem, and self-harm. I also specialize in working with individuals who are survivors of past trauma, individuals or athletes recovering from injury or sustaining a season or career ending injury, and individuals with chronic illness.

Over the last five years, I gained a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology, working with athletes and teams on performance enhancement. Also, I have had multiple experiences in hospital settings working with neuropsychologists, starting and facilitating several support groups, working with a variety of clients across various income brackets, ethnicities, health/emotional conditions, and varying ages. I am currently a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology Program at Florida State University and a therapist trainee at Morse Therapy Group. As such I am supervised by Dr. Tracey Morse, a licensed psychologist, requiring audio recording of sessions.

Call me (850-556-7944 x4) for a free phone consultation to explore working together to create goals, grow, and build tools to help you on your journey and future endeavors.

Meetings with Therapist Trainees cost $40 with even lower fees available for those in need. Each Therapist Trainee offers a free phone consultation to help you decide if their skills and style are a good fit for you.

Morse Therapy Group serves as a training site for FSU doctoral students. These students serve as Therapist Trainees and are clinically supervised by Dr. Tracey Morse. Because Therapists Trainees need to receive thorough supervision, all meetings between clients and their Therapist Trainee are audio recorded. These recordings are only used for training and supervision at Morse Therapy Group. 

Jaylene (Spannring) Lee, M.S.